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Survey Says:

The Sheep & Goat Story Is So Needed!

Encouraging our children in selfless,Christ-like living has never been more important,based on recently published and alarming research findings.

"College kids today are about 40% lower in empathy than their counterparts

of 20 or 30 years ago, as measured by standard tests of this personality trait,” noted University of Michigan researchers. The researchers went on to warn:

“It's not surprising that this growing emphasis on the self is accompanied by a corresponding

devaluation of others."*

 (Author’s note: wow, how tragic!)

We need to work with our young children now to counter this drop in Christ-like love.

Sheep & Goat Go To The Ice Cream Parlor addresses this issue in an encouraging and delightfully fun manner.  

A product of Global Institute For Transformation (GIFT), the book teaches the all-important Parable of the sheep and the goats in Matthew 25. It contrasts Sheep’s selfless love with Goat’s selfishness in a light-hearted style that children really enjoy. 

* Research on our youth’s drop in empathy/devaluation of others:

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