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Read Sheep & Goat Go To The Ice Cream Parlor Here

Children, parents, grandparents, teens and teachers, you can read Sheep & Goat Go To The Ice Cream Parlor here just by clicking through the book below. 

This 48-page, full-color book encourages all of us to be more loving (like Sheep), and not selfish (like Goat). 

Please wait about 10 seconds and the book will start turning pages. Or you may find it's best to go from page to page at your own speed by clicking the visuals at the bottom! 

Click the next visual to the right of the one highlighted to advance to the next page. After you go through the four pages at the bottom, click on the arrow to retrieve the next four pages, then follow the same instruction of clicking the page to the right of the highlighted page to advance your reading.

Happy reading!

 Parents have found that reading this book to their children -- including their very youngest --can be such a fun family experience.


Grandparents can experience this joy, too!


Teachers, the teachings in this book can set the foundation for learning social justice at an early age.


Teens, you may want to read this book to younger children as part of your commitment to social justice and community.

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