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Introducing the main characters in

Sheep & Goat

Go To The Ice Cream Parlor


Sheep is a very loving, selfless and Godly individual. 

He's often seen helping out a stranger who's in need. 

Someday, he's gonna hear Jesus say, "Enter the kingdom of heaven, for when I was hungry, you gave me something to eat!"


Goat... Well, he's missing out on lots of joy, because he's always thinking about himself -- instead of showing somebody else some love. 

Someday, Goat's gonna regret never taking the time to care for someone else. 


If you're like P.I.G. -- and you encourage your friends to show love to those who need it -- then you're already a friend of Sheep. And Jesus, too.

P.I.G. is a real Partner In Godliness (P.I.G.) to Sheep. You know, you can be a P.I.G. to someone, too. Just encourage your friends to read their Bibles and to show love to others in need. Why not read the Sheep & Goat book with them, too?

Come to think of it, we should all be P.I.G.s. And everyone should have a P.I.G. in their life.


Global Institute For Transformation

GIFT is a non-profit 501(C)3, cross-denominational ministry working with the Church to help people grow in their love for God and for others. 

GIFT helps people fulfill on our calling to impact the world around us, as described in the USCCB Document on the Laity: "All of the baptized are called to work toward the transformation of the world."

GIFT president, Tim Maurer, wrote Sheep & Goat Go To The Ice Cream Parlor. 

GIFT doesn't just encourage caring for others, GIFT also supports global compassion. GIFT has been bringing water filtration and farm irrigation into poverty-stricken parts of the world like Ethiopia, Sudan and Guatemala. GIFT leaders have also founded and supported an orphanage for Sudanese refugee children in Zimbabwe.   

A share of the proceeds from the sale of Sheep & Goat Go To The Ice Cream Parlor and the complementary merchandise goes to fund global compassion.

You can e-mail the book's author, Tim Maurer, at:

Sheep & Goat

Go To The Ice Cream Parlor 

has been called "the perfect gift to teach young children the universal concept of social justice and how to live and love more like Jesus".

Here's how you can order your copy:

Single purchase price includes:

        $ 5.99 Book

        $ 4.00 Shipping & Handling

        $ 9.99 TOTAL COST (Domestic orders)

*7% State Sales Tax for Nebraska residents is automatically added at Checkout

        $12.99 TOTAL COST (International orders)

*Higher carrier costs require an additional charge of $3.00 per book, which will be added at checkout for delivery of all shipments outside the United States.

For shipments to an address other than that of purchaser, please use the e-mail link below to send us proof of purchase and current shipping address of recipient. 

If you or your organization

would like to purchase multiple copies of the Sheep and Goat book, give us a call at



simply drop us an e-mail at

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