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Share Tons Of Fun -- And Help Our Children Learn The Essential Teaching Jesus Gave Us In Matthew 25

Sheep & Goat helps convey essential Biblical teaching on social justice (Matthew 25) early in the lives of our children.  

The story contrasts Sheep's concern and love for others with Goat's indifference and self-centered-ness. Sheep encourages Goat -- and all of us -- to live more like Christ. 

Remember: If you purchase the book a share of proceeds will go toward funding water filtration and farm irrigation to help the poor around the globe. So you experience the joys of selfless love right from the start. 

The book's key messages include:

1.) Don't conform to the ways of the world, but be transformed into living God's way

2.) Study God's word -- and live by it

3.) Love as Christ loves us

4.) Inherit God's kingdom

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