Sheep & Goat - Discover The Sheer Joy Of Following Jesus
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"Sheep & Goat Go To The Ice Cream Parlor" is the perfect gift to teach young children the universal concept of social justice and how to live and love more like Jesus.
The book is also consistent with Catholic Social Teaching, having received an Impramatur from the Catholic Church. One priest even mentioned how the Church might want to keep copies on hand to occupy the youngest children who are prone to fidgeting.  He said 'Sheep & Goat' would be a great a alternative to the books parents bring to Church that don't have a spiritual message.
It's a must-have resource for Sunday Schools, Catechism classes and Vacation Bible Schools.  
This truly inspirational book makes an ideal gift your child,
a niece, a nephew, a grandchild or a neighbor. It is also
great for older children to read to younger children
to reinforce religious formation and social teaching. 
Remember, a share of proceeds is dedicated to funding of
GIFT's  innovative water filtration and farm irrigation program to assist the global poor. So, with each purchase you are practicing selfless love with every book you buy --by making an impact onthe lives of people who really need love.
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