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Sheep & Goat Go To The Ice Cream Parlor Is A Fun Book That Teaches Selfless Love

Sheep & Goat Go To The Ice Cream Parlor shares the incredible joy of Christ-like living. It contrasts Sheep's living a life of selfless love with Goat's selfishness.

It's based on the Parable in Matthew 25. Here Jesus explains he'll come back and separate people like a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats, based on whether we shared His love with others in need. (If you haven't read the book yet, click here to read a copy.) 

Our children and our society would greatly benefit from this book: Michigan University research has evaluated today's college youth as 40% less empathetic than earlier generations -- and found a corresponding devaluation of others as well!

Look, Ma, We're On TV!

The fun, friendly, but all-important cross-denominational message of Sheep & Goat was featured on Catholic TV! it out by clicking the arrow in the frame below!

First, letters from parents, Church leaders and bookstore owners made us happy.  

Then receiving an Imprimatur was so important to all our Catholic fans. 

Now, we've received fan-fare and affection from the great people at Catholic TV and their viewers.

See How They Really Enjoyed "Sheep & Goat Go To The Ice Cream Parlor"

Author Tim Maurer is interviewed on CatholicTV's, "This Is The Day" show, along with VBS leader Brenda Falusi.

Get In On The Fun And Share Selfless Love!

We hope everyone who visits here has been living like Sheep -- and not like Goat.

Jesus says He'll reward all those who show love to others, too!

Share The Book -- And Some Fun

We hope you'll be sharing the book with others, too. Because encouraging one another to care for each other is so important. And FUN.

See how one Nazarene Church used Sheep & Goat for youth ministry.

"The Rock" youth ministry of the Rockville Church of the Nazarene, Rockvville, CT used Sheep & Goat to reach their city and share a key Bible Parable. (Click here for video)

Come On In, Join The Club!

We can all get excited about showing others love. In fact, we can encourage each other to be more loving and experience more joy in every day life. Every day, express and encourage selfless love to those around you.

And go out of your way to recognize those you see showing selfless love, too. Especially the children!

Kinda like an ice cream cone on a hot summer day.

May God bless you as you live -- and love -- more like Jesus!

* This Bible lesson is in the book of Matthew, Chapter 25 verses 31-46.

Sheep & Goat Go To The Ice Cream Parlor

has received an Imprimatur from the Catholic Church and is consistent with Catholic Social Teaching.

This book and all related content are the property of

the Global Institute For Transformation, an

non-profit 501(c)(3) cross denominational ministry.   

A share of the proceeds from the purchase of the

Sheep & Goat Go To The Ice Cream Parlor book and other merchandise is dedicated to funding

the GIFT global compassionate ministry.

All donations are tax deductible.

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